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Make no mistake, I love my stepdaughter and I’d lay down in traffic for her in a second, but my parenting comes from the head first, then the heart. And when you meet your kid’s new teacher or babysitter, and you have to describe your child, it feels weird and difficult, because how can you even explain your little guy in five days, let alone five minutes?Stepparents have to try to pick up a kid’s entire history–from favorite foods and activities to allergies, fears, and aversions—at some later date, and on the fly. Some stepparents have primary or exclusive guardianship of their stepkids, but assuming that you’re co-parenting with your partner’s ex, your ability to set up real routines (which everyone seems to say is the bedrock of good parenting) is effectively zero.

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And oh, say you want to be an attachment parent, or a tiger mom, or a French mom, or some other kind of parent? If your partner’s ex isn’t on board (or if they have a different or opposing philosophy) you’re going to be trying to employ a holistic approach to your stepchild’s welfare in half the time.You will always feel like there is some important piece of the puzzle you have not been given. You can set up reliable routines in your own house, but you simply can’t know what’s going on when the kid is not with you.The older your stepkid was when you came into their life the harder this is, but it’s still plenty difficult if you enter their life when they’re still in diapers. Even if you have a good or genial relationship with the other parent, and share a general parenting philosophy, you will still end up doing things differently. Kids are resilient, and everyone eventually adjusts to a back-and-forth routine, and the norms of each home.Saying mean things about someone else’s family seems…nasty.But she’s a kid, and from time to time, she frustrates me. It would be really awesome to have a group of stepmoms to hang out with, people who know what I’m going through and can sympathize, empathize, or just bitch along with me about how hard it is.Though some people would and do criticize parents for complaining about their kids, I think it’s totally legit to complain.

Parenting is really hard work, and it often goes completely unappreciated.Worse problem: your partner’s ex subscribes to a parenting philosophy that makes you insane (say, she’s a tiger mom, or he’s a lotus dad).Short of concerns for the child’s safety, you have to suck it up and practice “acceptance-that-this-child-is-learning-crazy-things-in-his-other-environment-and-there’s-nothing-I-can-do-about-it parenting.” 4. Last year a friend of mine with two kids under three referred to her own children as “a holy hell.” I am a big fan of Dooce, who has plenty of choice words for her kids when they’re being bratty–even referring to them as assholes.So mostly I complain to my partner, which sucks for him, because I’m sure he doesn’t want to be the recipient of lots of whining about his kid. But I know two other stepmoms, and they both have kids of their own, too, which also changes the equation considerably.There are, of course, lots and lots of stepmoms out there–but I’m 29 and many of my friends who may one day become stepmoms are not yet in that position. There is one in the far-burbs, and it has three members. There’s not too much to say about this, except that being a stepmom to a kid who loves fairy tales feels kind of like being a recovering alcoholic married to a sommelier.Don’t they know you have no idea what you’re supposed to do? You suffered through the sleepless nights and the cryfests because your baby was gorgeous and perfect and you just LOVED looking at her while she nursed or playing peek-a-boo with him.

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