Www barazzer fuch com

27-Jan-2017 17:05 by 8 Comments

Www barazzer fuch com

The higher temperature clay bodies are almost 99% non porous.I worked from about 3pm till 830 pm today sanding and loading a bisque load of pots.

When a clay body is mature it is almost non porous with the exception of Earthenwares and the final results of RAKU Pottery.

Next step is cleaning up the kiln room and papering it…

making cone pads for the 5 peep holes in the kiln….

speaking of kilns, for those of you not familiar with twice fired pottery this may all sound confusing to you…..

It feels like I am in luxury today because I got to do something besides MAKE ART ;o) I am in bisque mode right now and that means sanding and cleaning up all the pots, blowing the dust off, loading the bisque kiln…..

still too many grinders to chance not making a pancake for under most of my work.

Finally airbrushing the color on the pots and loading them… it’s like a huge puzzle and is the most important part of the whole process of making work that is ALIVE and KICKIN!!!

Anyway, son-in-law Jimmy has his 1963 Biscayne (aka the second-coming of the Bob-lo boat) on display at the show. After we finished packing, we took the dogs for their field run. Where DTW needs you to be there [...] February 7 – Super Bowl Sunday for all you football fans out there. I doubt I’ll watch the game, but mentally I’ll be cheering for them.

Although I’m not a football fan at all, I’m hoping the New Orleans Saints win.

it takes time and care as the pots are sooo breakable at this point. takes lots of skill even though it sounds fairly simple and benign…

Once I get this accomplished I willl scrub down my studio from top to bottom and paper the shelves and tables…

Firing the kiln and waiting 2 days for it to cool enough to open up ….