Window vista hangs when updating

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Window vista hangs when updating

While we might check and install updates manually from time to time, most Windows 10 computers are configured to apply important updates automatically while older versions, like Windows 7 & 8, usually apply these fixes the night of Patch Tuesday.

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This guide walks you through one simple attempt to fix Windows Vista and get it to boot up again. Also tried this: Obviously didn't work either.I will appreciate any weird ideas,the drive worked and I'm sure it works fine on XP so that's ouit of the question. As soon as I plug in the LAN-cable or activate WLAN it takes 10 sec. I started Wireshark (Network protocol analyser) to see what happens.I suspect a windows update for this, but I don't have a evidence. I have formatted my sister-in-law's computer and reïnstalled Windows Vista.If there's any wonder after that long, take a look at your hard drive activity light.

You'll see either no activity at all (stuck) or very regular but very short flashes of light (not stuck).

The notebook worked for some days without any issues. As it took some time I decided to let this run over night. I assume that this isn't a driver problem because a) everything ran perfect before (without changing a driver file) b) in safe-mode it is possible to connect the LAN-cable or enable wireless LAN.

I installed my software and the Windows update service downloaded the updates. The network cards sends some packages and the the system stops.

Join or Log in to Reply ",make sure the "Use Autoplay for all media and devices" box is checked.

Then under that at "Media" at the bottom press "Reset all defaults" then press "Save". I just ruled that possibility since I installed Vista using that drive and spent hours blaming drivers.

Still don't know what caused the problem though.

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