Whos dating nat wolf

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Whos dating nat wolf - fun and creative dates for dating couples

When Zedd heard through the grapevine that Selena and Nat had a thing for each other, he began panicking.

Zedd and Selena Gomez grew close and began dating when they were working on their hit song “I Want You To Know.” So, it’s obvious that Selena has a thing for musicians – and falls hard and fast when she is working long hours on new music with them. Our inside source dished, “Zedd knows that Selena isn’t that in to him, so whenever another guy comes around he gets extremely insecure and jealous.

Ashley Benson and Nat Wolff are NOT dating, despite romance rumors emerging after the two were photographed holding hands in New York City on Saturday night. We’re told it’s “not true.” Benson, the star of “Pretty Little Liars,” and Wolff, best known for , are friends and nothing more, says an insider.

The two happened to be at the same party, and after the hand-holding photos began circulating, a source revealed that Wolff was merely being a good pal and trying to protect Benson from the paparazzi. Benson and Wolff were part of a larger group of friends.

Do you think Selena Gomez would ever cheat on Zedd with him?

Is Zedd just being insecure, or do you think he should be worried about them working on a movie and a song together?

News broke this month that Selena was reuniting with her 2014 co-star Nat Wolff in the new James Franco film that she has been working on, and then Selena posted a photo of herself and Natt (eerily similar to those that she used to post of herself and Zedd), and said they are collaborating together on a song!

Selena Gomez met Nat Wolff in 2014 when she played his love interest in the straight to Netflix comedy “Behaving Badly,” since then she and the actor/folk singer have remained close and in contact. Anyway, whether they're on or not, there's no denying these two make a cute couple!rom the moment the trailer for “The Fault In Our Stars” was posted on January 29, it took less than two months for the clip to become the most “liked” movie trailer on You Tube. Selena Gomez and Zedd are back together, for now, despite the fact that she was talking to Justin Bieber behind his back.But, there is a new man in Selena’s life that Zedd is worried about, and it’s not Bebs!While the deal is not expected to reach the same price levels as those for “War Machine” or “Bright,” the price should fall in the million- million range.

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