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Michael is currently working on his second novel, so we both require a lot of quite time. During part of this time Michael and I work in the office behind closed doors. It’s a little difficult when my mother comes to visit though. We have many heart-to-hearts with her about this, but she doesn’t seem to listen to us. We don’t buy them presents or give them anything they want.The kids know not to bother mom and dad when the doors are shut. They know the value of money and have been taught to use their manners by always saying “please” and “thank you.” In our household we have very normal roles, Michael and I share all responsibility in the house and always help each other when needed.

We all stay very busy but always make time for each other at the end of every day. We want them to be kids but we do like to keep them busy and continually learning and progressing through different classes and activities.But the most important job I have right now is the role of being a mother. MJ is currently home schooled, while Lauren attends grade school.My beautiful daughter Lauren is six years old and our prodigy child. We encourage her to play the piano and partake in extracurricular reading. My husband Michael used to play basketball at the Air Force Academy, so with a combination of our genes we hope our children will become professional athletes.A clean house is a must here, not always easy with two little kids running around but with the help of our nanny we are able to keep it pretty clean.Our nanny comes to the house Monday through Friday from am-noon and I take over from there. My kids know to always pick up their clothes and towels off the floor and always clean the game room before each night. I had a very successful basketball career that helped lead me to win two WNBA titles, three MVP titles and earn four Olympic gold medals.

I am the current owner of the Los Angeles Sparks WNBA team, do on-camera reporting for "Sports Zone", and design clothing for taller women.am our nanny comes to help cook and clean till noon Monday through Friday.am we all sit down for breakfast, we usually eat oatmeal and fruit. Tuesdays and Thursdays Lauren goes and runs around the track, I love this one on one time with her.We actually encourage both children to bounce balls around the house to practice their dribbling.Athletics play a huge role in our day-to-day routine.She is a true character, very funny, and it’s so cute to see her little brother follow her around everywhere. When he isn’t flying, he is helping me with the kids, helping with contracts or the basketball academy camp that we are both very passionate about. And now he is writing another book for his son abut women.

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