Who is feist dating

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Who is feist dating

The singer/songwriter flew in the night before from her native Toronto, now her sole residence after living part-time in Paris, and she’s just finishing her first press day promoting her fourth full-length album, Metals. ” For Feist, the feeling of exhaustion, or of being overwhelmed, is familiar, and in some way, possibly even welcome: It drove her to the brink of mental and physical collapse during the tour and press blitz behind her last album, 2007’s The Reminder, and ultimately forced her into years of inactivity.

A world tour and TV appearances on Today, The View, Sesame Street, Saturday Night Live, and many others followed. It was a relief to be home in the city where she launched her music career more than a decade earlier. [Laughs] I was buying tickets for flights the day of. It’s a sickness that comes from your life being over-jammed into those little squares on the calendar. Time is no longer fluid.” She took a full year and a half off. She’s curled up beneath the covers of the stately oak-framed bed in her room at the Lafayette House hotel in downtown Manhattan.I ask if she’d like to talk in the ivy-covered private backyard, but she insists on staying put.“I came back from Paris and wrote most of the record that fall.” With Gonzalez and Mocky, another regular musical collaborator, plus newcomer Valgeir Sigurðsson (Björk, Kate Nash, Bonnie “Prince” Billy), Feist headed to Big Sur, California, which she discovered during a drive between San Francisco and Los Angeles “five or six years ago.” “I had read Steinbeck’s Cannery Row and East of Eden.Both Kerouac and Henry Miller wrote there, so on a fiction-level I felt this sense of familiarity.” Feist was particular on her recording environs: “I was like, ‘Where is this fictitious wooden room with tall ceilings that I keep imagining?Shot in one continuous take by director Patrick Daughters, the clip showed Feist in a blue-sequined jumpsuit leading a group of friends, all wearing color-coded outfits, in a choreographed dance as they belted the chorus of ba-da-ba-da-das. For most artists her calibre, this was the definition of success: You Tube hit, career-best sales, sell-out gigs. When the TV commercial for the third generation i Pod Nano hit that September, Feist became a household name and pop superstar virtually overnight.

“1234” shot up the charts, ushering in the age of “pop stardom via Apple commercial placement,” paving the road for the Ting Tings and the Submarines. “It eventually supernova’d beyond me,” Feist says, “and at that point [the music] was speaking about me rather than me about it. I just started to fade from the picture.” In November 2008, Feisthad officially faded. I didn’t recognize those walls in life and I let myself hit them.Soon an ad hoc recording studio was set up and, in January 2011, work began on Metals. “My commute to work was with my backpack filled with my laptop, journals, and whatever books I was reading.I’d tromp along the cliffs between wild cows as condors circled overhead.“All I want is a horizon line / Get some clarity, following the signs / Get some clear ocean signs,” she coos.“It was the only lyric that I wrote there,” she explains.After a pair of solo albums, 1999’s Monarch (Lay Your Jewelled Head Down) and 2004’s major-label debut Let It Die, which landed Feist Canada’s Juno award for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Album, Feist’s personal life and career underwent for a tectonic shift in 2007.

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