Whm awstats not updating

30-Jul-2014 13:12 by 10 Comments

Whm awstats not updating - 100 no signup sex hook up

The following command should be used manually to update client stat.please try the following command (via root SSH access).

Also you’ll need to change the log_format in the nginx config to the following: The log_format above is matching the normal apache logformat, except the very last parameter, which is the request time.

Please contact Live Support, so they can investigate this issue further.

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

AWStats is one of the most commonly using tool on c Panel servers to analyse website traffic summary.

Also, you can analyse a lot of things from there like number of visits, pages, hits, Bandwidth etc.

The reason behind this is that it’s the most common webserver, but Apache is often using a lot of memory when you could lower this. Which results in, that it’s not possible to add your own log format in the main config, so it will work for all your domains.

The problem that happens when using one of the above, is often the logformat will change a little, which will break awstats.So I made a small cpanel hook, that is using their hook system.The hook itself is a small python script, which hooks into ‘Whostmgr:: Accounts:: Create’, reads the data from stdin to get information from the accounts getting created in cpanel, it generates a awstats config file in the users home directory, which will get loaded for that specific user.The text “username” should be replaced by the actual username of the c Panel account.Hi, I have linux shared hosting server with WHM,from last couple of days our AWSTATS not updating/not working,i have tried with all the option,whenever i just update AWSTATS from user Cpanel it throws error :- ============================================================================== AWStats did not find any valid log lines that match your Log Format parameter, in the 50th first non commented lines read of your log.Your log file /usr/local/apache/domlogs/must have a bad format or Log Format parameter setup does not match this format.