Validating the xml

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Using a command line tool, XMLBeans will automatically generate and package up a set of Java objects based on an XSD.You can then use these objects to build an XML document based on this schema.

Here's a blog entry showing how that is done: Hey Stax Man, are there any XMLStream Writers that do pretty-print indenting?

I was surprised that it's not in the standard implementation. I think it's the right way to go, but there seems very little interest in it.

You can avoid pulling from the network, even though the xml files reference url's, by specifying the xsd manually (see some other answers here) or by using an "XML catalog" style resolver.

In addition, extended tools are available such as OASIS CAM standard specification that provide contextual validation of content and structure that is more flexible than basic schema validations.

xmllint is a command line XML tool that can perform XML validation.

XML validation is the process of checking a document written in XML (e Xtensible Markup Language) to confirm that it is both well-formed and also "valid" in that it follows a defined structure.

A well-formed document follows the basic syntactic rules of XML, which are the same for all XML documents.Spring apparently also can intercept the URL requests to serve local files for validations.Or you can set your own via set Resource Resolver, ex: Source xml File = new Stream Source(xml File Location); Schema Factory schema Factory = Schema Instance(XMLConstants.This will start creating DOM objects as it parses the document - wasteful if you aren't going to use [email protected] - this is an implementation detail of the JAXP implementation.One more answer: since you said you need to validate files you are generating (writing), you might want to validate content while you are writing, instead of first writing, then reading back for validation.