Validating file extension with regularexpressionvalidator

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(11 printed pages) Introduction The Problem The Objective The Solution-Overview Client Features What Is a Validator?

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For example, if you want to check whether or not user input in a text box is (a) nonblank, (b) a valid date between a particular range and (c) less than the date in another text input control, you would want to use three validators.

Our objective with validation is as follows: We visited a large number of real pages to determine the sort of scenarios these components needed to be able to handle.

We wanted to dramatically reduce the amount of validation code needed for future applications.

You need to write the server-based checks anyway for clients without script, so it can be hard to justify writing it all over again for rich clients.

Validation controls change all that, because almost all the duplicated logic is encapsulated in the controls.

Starting page: The first thing we need to enforce is that the fields get filled in at all.

In front of each field, we add a Required Field Validator.While this might seem cumbersome, remember that to be helpful to the user, you would want to have three different text descriptions for all these cases.The different types of validators are listed as follows: Write a web page to collect a new user id and password.The Validation Summary automatically generates this content by gathering it up from validator controls on the page. It exposes the all-important "Is Valid" property, which you check in server code to determine if all of the user input is OK.Most Web sites do all of their validation checks on the server.Anthony Moore Microsoft Corporation July 2000 Updated March 2002 Summary: Provides a brief overview of the validation framework in ASP.