Validating excel cells

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We'll show you how to add data validation in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.Since we already have a list of shipping options in the Shipping worksheet, we're going to tell Excel to use the data in that list to control which values a user can select.

Click Find & Select Go To Special under Home tab.3.By default, the arrow of the data validation won’t show automatically.If you want to find cells which having the data validation, you may need to click on the cell to show the arrow one by one for confirmation if you have no efficient method.Using Data Validation, you can avoid human errors and increase efficiency.If you have any questions about using dropdown lists in Excel, post a comment and I’ll try to help. Data validation allows you to control exactly what a user can enter into a cell.

In our example, we can use data validation to ensure that the user chooses one of the three possible shipping options.

If you’re using a version of Excel with the ribbon interface, you’ll have to click on the Data tab.

On the Settings tab choose List under the Allow heading.

But before we do this, we'll actually need to name the cell range first.

Naming cell ranges is one way to keep track of important cell ranges in your spreadsheet.

In the Go To Special dialog box, check the Data validation and Same options, and finally click the OK button.

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