Updating our decor

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Updating our decor - Sex chat adults

New kitchen faucets have a lot more functionality, so the upgrade can be more than just aesthetic.

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When it comes to your furniture layout, listen to your instinct (i.e.

A rich canary yellow will feel decidedly modern, while a bright yet soft mint green can create a youthful yet still traditional look. Be it a Lucite coffee table, a glass bar cart, or an acrylic chandelier, a bit of transparency always lightens up the heaviness of dark woods and upholstered furniture you often see in traditional homes.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about matching as clear items blend right in! Fussy and intricate patterns can quickly take on a granny vibe, so if you want to modernize your space, sticking with solids is a safe way to do so.

There are few things we love more than contemporary art juxtaposed with the thoughtful architectural detail of a traditional home.

Seek out artwork with colors that complement your existing furnishings, and you’ve got a foolproof combination.

Get more headboard design ideas Change the look of any room by adding chair rail, picture molding, crown molding or baseboard.

To make it easy, ask the lumber yard or home improvement store to pre-cut all the pieces to size, just be sure to take accurate measurements.Blue and white delftware is a staple of traditional decorating, but when layered so repeatedly such as in this space designed by Mark D. Is there another classic pattern or material you love? Lay it on thick for a twist on tradition., but a sling chair and a fuzzy Moroccan area rug? Or how about a sexy portrait against a wallpaper of pastel florals? Play around with unusual arrangements and surprising juxtapositions until you create something that makes you say, “Wow! One of the easiest ways to create a statement is to play with scale. Whether you’ve just moved into an Edwardian apartment in San Francisco or you’re trying to give your Colonial house in Connecticut a little more edge, there are countless ways to modernize a traditional home.Of course, you could go ahead and browse contemporary shops to see what catches your eye, but if you need a little more direction, we have 11 easy tricks for you below.Historically, books have always been arranged vertically in libraries, so by stacking them horizontally you can easily give any room an updated look.

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