Updating myspace profile

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And if you’re anything like me, the pictures you uploaded during the My Space craze were less than flattering.

The internet is 'Everyone’s Space' – for better and for worse. Well, make some room for birthday cake because Facebook is turning ten.

Two million of the site’s annual photo uploads are items being put up for sale, with the actual negotiations taking place via comment threads and private messages.

Among the many items being legally sold through Instagram are firearms.

If you don’t have your My Space login info: If you don’t have a clue what your email address was when you signed up for My Space – or you signed up with a college email that has since been de-activated – it’s a little more complicated.

Before you can delete your account, you’ve got to prove it’s yours to delete.

We used to have a column dedicated to a different My Space profile each day.

Mainly by transforming it into a social network that revolved around music. Or in the words of Viant boss and Timberlake fan Tim Vanderhook: “The combination of Time Inc and Viant is all about the marriage of first party data and premium content”. As for the My Space angle, Tom was unavailable for comment.

Today, you’ll be hard pressed to find anybody who admits to having an account.

Fewer than six short years ago, My Space boasted more members than Facebook.

Listen to the full show and scroll down for more on each segment.

As Instagram passes its third birthday, a small but growing community of users are beginning to utilize the website for the private exchange of goods.

You need to sign the My Space Declaration of Ownership.

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