Updating my motherboard

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Updating my motherboard - dating someone on the rebound

Community Q&A A computer's Basic Input-Output System (BIOS) is embedded software on a motherboard.

lang=en-us While installing these drivers, you may be prompted to install the Nvidia Network Access Manager.

There are several ways to see your BIOS version from within Windows, and they work the same on PCs with a traditional BIOS or a newer UEFI firmware.

To use a command, open a Command Prompt window — press Windows Key R, type cmd into the Run dialog, and press Enter.

When you want to make quick upgrades to PC performance, the first choices should always be increasing RAM or switching hard disk drives to solid state drives.

But when you’ve exhausted your upgrade options, it’s probably time to roll up your sleeves and start looking at more intense upgrades. A newer motherboard opens up a range of options for your PC that we’ll cover in a moment, but it also leads to additional compatibility upgrades that can be quite expensive.

However, you’ll perform the same basic process on all motherboards.

First, head to the motherboard manufacturer’s website and find the Downloads or Support page for your specific model of motherboard.Here’s how to check what BIOS version your computer is using and flash that new BIOS version onto your motherboard as quickly and safely as possible. If your computer freezes, crashes, or loses power during the process, the BIOS or UEFI firmware may be corrupted.This will render your computer unbootable — it’ll be “bricked.” Your computer’s BIOS version is displayed in the BIOS setup menu itself, but you don’t have to reboot to check this version number.We do not recommend installing that component because the Nvidia Network Access Manager has been known to cause issues with Steam.You probably shouldn’t update your BIOS, but sometimes you need to.This guide will help you flash (update) your BIOS by taking the right precautions and walking you through each step.

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