Updating macbook

14-Sep-2015 23:51 by 6 Comments

Updating macbook

Here’s everything Apple needs to update, but likely won’t announce at its event on Monday: Thunderbolt Display | Apple’s standalone desktop display is in desperate need of an update.Still selling for $999 with 2011 specs, the product looks old-fashioned compared to the 4K and 5K displays that are now the norm, not to mention just how thick it is in comparison to i Macs with whole computers inside.

Will it bring pricing changes or reorganization of the lineup in general?Intel’s new Skylake processors will reportedly not be ready until June, but it’s possible Apple could introduce other minor component refreshes to the Mac Books currently running Broadwell and Haswell processors.We’re also keeping an eye out for whether or not Apple brings USB-C to the rest of its laptops after the 12-inch Mac Book last year.But it wouldn’t be too shocking to see some sort of refresh that introduces upgraded processors, graphics, and other specs.It would be an obvious choice to add Thunderbolt 3/USB-C and unveil it alongside a new Thunderbolt Display eventually.It said that suppliers are currently competing in hopes of earning orders from Apple when production begins.

If true, the rumor would suggest that Apple may not be planning to update its thinnest and lightest Mac Book in the immediate future.

Inventory is typically reduced ahead of new product launches, potentially signaling that Apple is clearing out the channel in anticipation of a hardware refresh.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities expects big things for Apple's Mac Book lineup this year.

Though the publication does occasionally provide accurate information from Apple's supply chain, it frequently gets both timing and features wrong on upcoming products.

Still, the 12-inch Mac Book is due for an update, and so the timing of the report makes sense.

Apple is allegedly planning to update its ultraportable Mac Book with Retina display in the second half of 2016, featuring a new screen hing design made from metal injection molding, according to a new supply chain report.