Updating blackberry pearl os

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Updating blackberry pearl os

Black Berry sowie zugehörige Warenzeichen, Namen und Logos sind Eigentum von Research In Motion Limited und sind in den USA und anderen Ländern registriert und/oder werden dort verwendet.

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Make sure to fill in all of the required fields on the form. Follow the instructions until the installation is complete.

Make sure that the box marked “Back Up Device Data” is checked before proceeding with the software update.

Wait a few moments for the upgrade to be installed.

To get started, simply connect your smartphone to your computer and open Black Berry Desktop Software, then click Update.

Using this software and any updates or upgrades as provided by Research In Motion Limited or any of its affiliates ("RIM") is subject to the Black Berry Software License Agreement ("BBSLA"), unless otherwise stated.

After completing the form, click on “Télécharger” (“Download”). ============= Next, make sure you have the latest version of the Black Berry Desktop software installed on your computer. It is recommended that you download the application, even if you already have it installed on your computer, to ensure that you have the latest version.

When you connect your Black Berry Torch 9860 to your computer and you click on the Black Berry Desktop application, the option to upgrade will pop up on-screen.

Learn how to update the software on your Black Berry device over a Wi Fi or Wi-Fi network. Whether you're the proud owner of a Black Berry smartphone or are merely considering picking one up, you're sure to be well served by this video guide.

For detailed information, including step-by-step instructions, take a look.

Note: While updating the software on your Handheld, be sure to select the option to back up and restore data on your device, to preserve your information that’s already on the device.

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Select “Get Update.” The connection to your phone is now established.

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