Updating a white kitchen

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Updating a white kitchen - what is pof dating

Though the peninsula looked great already, we wanted to beef up the look even further.We decided to add some more interest and drama with these gorgeous corbels.

We added planks to the side of the cabinet as well, and just cut down the lengths we had had cut at the hardware store using our mitre saw.

We decided to begin our planking at the base of the peninsula.

We made sure it was straight and level and then began by nailing it directly into the back of the cabinet using an air compressor nail gun.

This kitchen renovation seemed to stretch on forever and ever and I am thrilled to have it finished.

One of my favourite finishing details has to be the planking and corbels that we added to the peninsula, which is the project I am sharing with you today. I'm a huge fan of adding interest to a space with lots of colour and texture so I knew something had to be done to take our kitchen from white builder-basic to customized for us.

Our home is situated on a beautiful lake making summer, by far, our favourite season of the year; though the crisp, clear days of fall definitely come a close second.

I recently shared our Fall Home Tour as well as our complete kitchen reveal and source guide.

Glue could make that a fairly messy process (and I am a little bit fickle…).

In the before pictures of the peninsula, above, you can see that the back of our peninsula actually has a sheet of plywood attached.

I still can't quite get over what a difference this simple little detail made to the overall look of our kitchen – it truly took it from builder basic (and boring) to custom and fabulous. I love the classic simplicity of white shaker cabinetry and white subway tile and knew I wanted white countertops as well. We decided to add a pop of my favourite colour (watery aqua blue) to both the DIY hook fan that we had built as well as to the peninsula.

But once all of these had been installed the kitchen felt a little bit too white. First things first: it was time to add some planking.

Updating a white laminate kitchen always requires you to keep a few very important things in mind.

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