Tribal wars self updating maps

27-Sep-2015 11:42 by 2 Comments

Tribal wars self updating maps - wwwxxx popo you tube

Map screenshot: Take a screenshot of your map or minimap that you can share.

ODS: ODS data is now available, including support mode.

Since language detection is not a trivial task, forgive all the errors and PM me the reports for which the language detections fails.

In the last couple of days we were testing the new updates system, and now we finally switched to it.

Morale against you: Displays a player's morale against you.

Continent player and tribe point stats: Displays the players and tribes points in a continent, the percentage those points represent and their points ranking in their continent.

Lists: There are now lists for a tribe's villages, markers and circle areas.

Lists are paged at 500 villages and also display additional info depending on the type of list.Markers BBcode list: A marker BBcode list can now be displayed. Browser zoom: The tool is now partially compatible with most browsers' native zoom functionality.However, it is still advised to use the built in zoom and larger font functionality instead. World Map: Generate world maps at different icon sizes with all the features of the map.Clicking "center map here" centers the map around the selected village. Markers can be removed through emptying the input fields in the map settings (for allys select the top most entry "---") or remove the marker through the popup on the map. In the world map archive is a new map of the TOP 20 tribes every day. We provide the most complex statistics related to the free strategy browser game Tribal Wars.Clicking the plus shows the color selector for the marker.