Tom tom gps map updating

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All Tom Tom products featuring Lifetime Updates also include Tom Tom’s proprietary IQ Routes™ Technology and Tom Tom Map Share™.

The Tom Tom device receives the latest traffic information every three minutes, recalculates total drive time and suggests more efficient alternate routes if they are available.It shows NZ and SE Asia maps as installed with updates available. Haven't updated SE Asia as its a 1GB download and currently have no need to use it.The device itself shows it has the Australia map factory installed: v966.7363 which I believe was a March 2016 release.Any idea what I need to do to get My Drive Connect to: The USB connection to the device and My Drive Connects update ability has been tested successfully – so that is working.I'm guessing it's an issue with the Australia map not being registered to my account and hence My Drive connect is ignoring its existence on the VIA 52.The maps include one million more miles than competing maps and, in certified tests, rate highest in terms of quality and reliability.

The road network changes on average 18 percent annually, so they are continually refreshed to include improvements across the entire road network and updates to Points of Interest.

These new features empower users with the accuracy of Tom Tom’s most up-to-date maps, as well as real-time traffic information that helps them avoid traffic delays and other hassles on the road.

At no extra cost, customers will receive these updates for the useful life of the device.

Availability and Price Select Tom Tom devices across the Tom Tom XL and Tom Tom XXL product lines are now available with Lifetime Map Updates, Lifetime Traffic Updates or a combination of these features.

Pricing starts at 9.95 MSRP and varies by model.

See high quality maps on its larger screen, and trust it to guide you safely through complex junctions for a confident drive. Tom Tom Trucker 5000 helps you to get the most out of your driving time, through truck specific routing and world-class Tom Tom Traffic information. The route bar makes it easier for drivers to see essential travel information at a glance.

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