Taraji p henson who is she dating

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After his death, she explained in a past interview, just how difficult it was for her as a single mother to her now 21 year old son and as a new actress at that time. Taraji began dating William La Marr Johnson when she was attending Howard University. “That was my son’s father, my first love, and he’s not with us, God rest his soul.” SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO WILLIAM THOUGH The late, great comedic actress, Shirley Hemphill, may have been tough as nails on TV, but she had the heart of gold in real life.

From the beginning it was a passionate but turbulent relationship, in part because Mark felt he was somehow inferior to Henson.She recalls that the stress of a new baby, working and Mark’s disappearances late at night resulted in a huge fight one night that turned physical.“The next thing I knew, Mark’s balled-up fist was coming straight for my face.I fell onto the bed crying and holding my mouth; blood seeped off my lips and across my teeth,” Henson writes. slowly creeping into the fibers of my suede boots.” After she saw the blood, Henson writes that she screamed at him: “This is over! ” Henson says her father encouraged her to get back with her abusive baby daddy but she refused.Taraji later details in her new memoir that Mark was killed just 3 weeks after the incident, ending the toxic love affair for good.I need safety, somewhere to go where I don’t have to be Hollywood.

Where I can take my wig off and you’re gonna love me and say ‘Baby, you are beautiful.’ I need a hero!“You’re better than me,” she recalls him saying to her, while she rested in his arms.“You need to leave me alone.”Henson stayed in school during her pregnancy and initially felt supported by Mark, but writes that things began to unravel after Marcell’s birth.'" VIDEO: Everything You Need to Know About 'Empire,' TV’s Most Talked-About New Show!She may be "breaking out" now as continues to surge in the ratings and reviews, but Henson has no qualms about declaring that lack of recognition from Hollywood has made her feel like a "D-list" star for a long time. "Lucious made her think that, you know, there was maybe a chance and then he snatched the rug from up under her." Cookie's love life is only getting more complicated, but when it comes to dating in real life, Henson keeps it simple, telling Frazier she’s "past dating," before clarifying, "I’m not past dating, I know what I want." When asked to explain, Henson took the direct approach, looking straight into the camera ."I’m not new to the scene," Henson said of her newfound notoriety for , Henson warns fans to "get ready, brace yourself." Sneak peek clips show Cookie making a dramatic lingerie-clad exit after Lucious announces his new engagement to Empire Entertainment’s A&R head Anika. "I want a man who is not caught up into what I do for a living," she declared.