Stacy keibler dating now

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Stacy keibler dating now

A alum just like Keibler, Canalis, 36, spent her weekend hitting the California surf on Friday, Sept. On Clooney's wedding day, she took to Instagram to reminisce about her own nuptials.

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This led to Keibler's in-ring debut at the Bash at the Beach in a Wedding Gown match, which she lost after she removed her own gown.Still, Us Weekly revealed this past May that the hostess was "irked" by her ex-boyfriend's engagement to the British human rights attorney, 36."When George and Stacy got together, he told her she would be the one he'd marry—and that they could have kids," a source told Us.Keibler is currently host of Call of Duty Elite's Friday Night Fights.She can be seen in the crowd at Starrcade 1998 before the television title match, dancing in an n Wo Wolfpac T-shirt."I adore these baby baskets for their convenience and cottony comfort," she tweeted. Clooney and Keibler split in July 2013 after two years of dating.

Keibler went on to marry entrepreneur Jared Pobre this past March in a secret ceremony; the couple welcomed their first child, daughter Ava, last month.Stacy Ann-Marie Keibler (born October 14, 1979) is an American actress, model, dancer, cheerleader, retired professional wrestler and valet who is best known for her work with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as a WWE Diva.Keibler was a contestant on the second season of Dancing with the Stars, where she placed third.Clooney dated the Italian model and actress for 18 months before splitting in June 2011.Like her successor Keibler, Canalis also found her happily ever after recently with orthopedic surgeon Brian Perri, whom she married just two weeks ago -- and in Italy, too (Sardinia). George Clooney got married to Amal Alamuddin this past weekend, Sept.