Speed dating score cards examples

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Speed dating score cards examples

By 2004 about 57% of global companies were working with the balanced scorecard (according to Bain).

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Credit Card Company - A generic example of a possible strategy map for an innovative credit card company.Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) - Example of a balanced scorecard-based strategic plan for this world-class financial organization, and some additional information about how it was developed (Nov. Federal Avaiation Administration Logistics Center - A highly customer-focused organization with a balanced scorecard-based strategic plan.Their original plan is a rather large (37 MB) file, so we have removed the graphics and here we provide the text content only, in order to reduce the file size.At the time, senior management knew they had to overcome some challenges in order to capture growth opportunities.The North American organization was decentralized, with each Regional President acting independently, and the company lacked a unified set of strategies and key performance indicators (KPIs).In fact, it has been such a success that the Prime Minster of Ethiopia has now mandated that all Ministries in Ethiopia adopt the balanced scorecard as a strategic planning and performance management methodology.

More Tolko reached out to the Institute for assistance in determining how to measure strategic performance on Tolko’s new strategic plan.

More By "revolutionalizing the strategic thinking process," Kenya Red Cross is now prepared to fulfill their promise to the peopel of Kenya: "Always There." Read about their experience with the Balanced Scorecard Development Process or View their Scorecard.

The Army Surgeon General and Commander of the US Army Medical Command champion the use of the balanced scorecard as "the principal tool by which they improve operational and fiscal effectiveness and better meet the needs of patients and stakeholders." More The new strategic planning effort at the National Marrow Donor Program, dubbed Vision into Action, has driven creative thinking around how to improve efficiencies and cost effectiveness and get people thinking about how NMDP could more than double transplant volumes within five years!

Increasingly, as balanced scorecard (BSC) concepts become more refined, we have had more inquiries asking for examples of organizations that have implemented the BSC, how the BSC applies to a particular business sector, metrics are appropriate for that sector, etc.

This section provides a database of working balanced scorecard examples that our research has located.

It is an integral part of how the County is managed and has become a model for other municipal governments around the country.

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