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Call Stacie Euken at 515-523-1262 or email [email protected] more information This networking session is to provide Iowa companies in any industry an opportunity to participate in peer networking discussion related to government contracting.

Discover a business management approach that identifies and manages constraints in your business limiting your ability to achieve your goals.The first part of the day Dan will present his Building A Fit Organization Workshop.The afternoon will conclude with his popular Factory of One Workshop.Join us and discover how to improve your business with online video marketing!This hands-on boot camp will cover everything from laying out the content of your video through what equipment fits your needs the best and the basics of how to use it. Gov Con 101: This 1.5 Hours session will give you an introduction of Government Contracting and discuss the various factors you may want to consider before entering this market.If you or someone in your company is interested in becoming more active on Linked In for Government marketing/market research, or really are not sure how to get started or what the benefit is, please take advantage of a pilot program for "pop-in" office hours/consulting for Linked In and any other social media questions you have. We can review your individual presence on Linked In, a potential company page or how to better utilize an existing company page, review how to research potential connections, how to be more active in groups, and anything else that will help you increase your presence and build connections, especially for Government contracting.

Currently we have 3 dates set, and even though it is a "pop-in", it is requested that you request a time prior to the date to ensure we don't have too many people in one session.

This workshop, based on the new book, Building the Fit Organization, distills the lessons from the Toyota Production System into six core concepts, and couches them in the easily understandable language of physical fitness and athletic excellence—no Japanese, no English jargon, and no off-putting references to Toyota.

By the end of the workshop, your team will be ready to make your organization faster, more competitive, and better able to win in your market.

This bi-monthly networking session will allow companies that have done business or are considering doing business with any of the Government entities on Rock Island Arsenal the opportunity to receive some basic training on the requirements and processes for selling to these agencies, and then will allow for informal discussion and Q&A between companies, with CIRAS as well as invited guests (*ex: Small Business Advocates, Contracting Personnel, etc.).

These groups will enable attendees to not only learn from the group and CIRAS, but will promote potential partnerships.

Every business faces peaks and valleys as they progress through stages of growth.