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She’s been signed to one of the world’s top model agencies — IMG, home to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Victoria’s Secret beauties Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel.Maye was in Miami recently doing a photoshoot for Italian Vogue.

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Glossy magazines, beauty brands and fashion designers are falling over themselves to have Maye’s image attached to their product.

These days Musk is also a svelte size eight to ten.

In the Eighties, when she was in her 30s, she was two-and-a-half stone overweight and worked as a plus-size model.

‘While it was growing out, I coloured my hair a very light blonde, but still had the halo of white hair on top.

It looked quite terrible,’ she says.‘But I didn’t have any doubts and I didn’t cover up with hats.’A stylist friend advised her to have a short and edgy haircut and, suddenly, what had been a huge risk, turned Maye into a fashion swan.‘Looking back, letting my hair go natural was an amazing decision because I started getting major ad campaigns.

She’s already done a cover for Elle, worked for Revlon and Clinique and has appeared in an advertising campaign for Virgin Atlantic Airways, following in the footsteps of Helen Mirren.

She has dominated New York’s Times Square on a giant billboard for Target, America’s wildly popular discount retailer, and has appeared in a Beyonce video.I also signed with agencies in Europe and travelled to many different cities, which I loved.People would stop me in the street and say they loved my hair.’Of course, a glossy head of white hair alone wouldn’t cut it in the fashion industry.For a while she juggled modelling with running her career as a nutritionist, but the marriage broke up and the family moved to her native Canada.Maye says that she struggled as a single mother to pay the bills, ‘but that’s still better than being unhappy’.With less than three weeks to go until New York Fashion Week, Maye Musk might be expected to be showing a few nerves.

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