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She realizes that she has made a critical mistake, and must now kill the protagonist.

Take your time to find one that you like playing then see if you can become a casanova and plan the perfect date.It is now his duty to take care of her on a daily basis.He discovers that she had a necklace on her, and decides to take it to his teacher, Akira, who hangs out at the Fight Club.When she wakes up, she has completely forgotten who she is.The protagonist convinces her that she is his pet kitten, and that she should stay in the basement from now on. Make sure practice your date skills before you go on a real date.

You don't want to make a complete fool out of yourself do you?

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The character is a teenage boy who goes to Fukoma High School.

The protagonist is a mostly unremarkable fellow, who lacks the strength, knowledge, or personality to get a girlfriend.

I haven't fixed the Karin's bug because I think it doesn't hurt the game play too much and I will deal with it in the later updates... The story takes it's premise from a classic manga, DNA².

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