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It is then revealed that another, unnamed cafeteria girl is the author of Sean's love letters; after seeing him leave the party with Lara, she sends him a suicide note before cutting her wrists in the dorm bathtub.

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The film was one of the first studio motion pictures to be edited using Final Cut Pro.She approaches Victor, who has finally returned to Camden College, only to find that Victor is having sex with Lara and does not remember who Lauren is, leaving her completely distraught.Paul, upon finding a drunk Sean, tries to talk to him, parroting Sean's own words by saying he merely wants to know him.But being married and worried about losing his tenure, he simply allows her to perform felatio on him instead.After numerous failed attempts at suicide, Sean fakes his death and, unaware that Lauren recently found a corpse, unintentionally upsets her further when she finds him pretending to be dead.The film also includes songs by The Rapture, Milla Jovovich, Der Wolf, and Serge Gainsbourg.

The Mono SR simplified noise reduction format for cinema was developed by tomandandy for the film in 2001-2002.

Sean coldly rejects him, using Lauren's words to say that Paul will never know him. Sean checks his campus mailbox in vain, only to find that the love notes have stopped.

He is then cornered by Rupert and his Jamaican partner, Guest, and brutally beaten.

It is then revealed that, rather than having sex with the blonde girl as he does in the intro, Sean was merely fantasizing, and he instead leaves his drink and exits.

Paul and Lauren meet on the house porch and reflect on the recent events, as well as on Sean, whom they watch depart on his motorcycle.

It contains a small number of scenes not shown in the US and UK DVDs and also includes more footage of the suicide scene (including the girl actually cutting into her wrists, instead of just seeing her reaction).