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Faculty is also involved in conducting research that pertains to student retention within the college.

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How exposure to the Confederate flag affects willingness to vote for Barack Obama.

Tamara L Brown Professor/Dean, COJJP Email: [email protected]: 936.261.5206Fax: 936.261.5253Office: Clark 149 Education: Ph.

D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Interests: Substance use in African Americans, cultural factors and African Americans' mental health functioning and use of services Select Publications: Abdullah, T.,* & Brown, T. Acculturation style and alcohol use in African American college students: An exploration of potential moderators.

COJJP faculty members are actively engaged in several research endeavors aimed to advance knowledge and inform intervention programs related to at-risk youth in our communities. (2011) Dispositional versus situational coping: Are the coping strategies African Americans use different for general versus racism-related stressors?

Specifically, many of these projects are associated with identifying psycho-social risk and protective factors related to juvenile delinquency.

Religious fundamentalism, religiosity, and priming: Effects on attitudes, perceptions, and mock jurors' decisions in an insanity defense case..

Religious fundamentalism and attitudes toward the insanity defense: The mediating roles of criminal attributions and perceptions of the mentally ill. Do gender differences in perceived prototypical computer scientists and engineers contribute to gender gaps in computer science and engineering? Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 47(2), 499-501. NGRI and GBMI), the relationship between religion and legal processes (e.g. (2013) “Ubuntu: A Model of Positive Mental Health for African Americans”. D., University of Nevada-Reno Interests: attitudes toward the criminally insane and mentally ill offenders, mental illness verdicts (e.g. The Obama Effect: Decreasing implicit prejudice and stereotyping, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 45, 961-964.