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Applications sent from outside the UK should enclose two International Reply Coupons with their self-addressed envelope instead of stamps. Applicants wishing to pay by credit card should include in their applications the relevant details, i.e.The fee for each certificate is £10.00 and should be sent with the application. type of card, name of cardholder, card number and date of expiry.

(d) The Register Office in Yorkshire which now holds the records.Please note that at present not all register offices can accept credit card payments No.Original records of births, marriages and deaths held at register offices in England and Wales are not open to the public, and by law information can only be released in the form of certificates issued by the registrars.For the purposes of registering births, Yorkshire was divided into dozens of Registrar's Sub-Districts.A full list of the Sub-Districts included in the database so far can be found on the Coverage of the Birth Indexes page, which also shows the years for which the records have been indexed, and the places included within each Sub-District.As noted above, some children were still unnamed when their births were registered, and so they appear simply as 'Male' or 'Female'.

Although it was possible in certain circumstances for names to be added to or altered on certificates after the initial registration, this was uncommon.They were therefore written to help the registrar find an entry on information supplied by the applicant for the certificate.Consequently, they do not always provide information in an ideal form for family historians.The national indexes of births in England and Wales at Myddleton Place (formerly at St.Catherine's House or Somerset House) list all children whose birth was registered in each quarter year from 1837.If the parentsn could not read or write, they would not know whether the names were being spelled consistently.