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‘This is going to be the huskiest interview there ever was,’ Amy laughs.‘Just a couple of frogs talking to each other.’ We bond over how croaky our voices both are.

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In a way, I’m just trying to make a celebration of diversity.’ For the years to come, Amy has high hopes for Archer.

In an interview with The Age, Amy was asked if she was deliberately trying to shock audiences as a PR move. ‘We’re all going to look like that one day,’ she tells me.

‘We’re all going to get older and our bodies are going to change and our attitudes are going to change. Later, I send her a Buzzfeed quiz that tells us we are both Caitlin Cooper from The O. Amy tells me how being part of the LGBTIQA community has influenced her writing in a huge way.

So far, despite everything, the parents-to-be have managed to avoid finding out the sex of their unborn child - that is until now.

In the run-up to the main event, Raj starts making a home video to show the incoming (or is it outgoing? The false alarm means Shamy can head home from the hospital and potentially pick up where they left off in the bedroom.

I think older bodies and beautiful because all bodies are beautiful.’ The issue went on to win a UN Human Rights Media Award for its positive representation of the older body. She jokes that she could still be writing about caravans if she wasn’t.

When Amy’s not working, she likes to wind down by watching The O. Forgetting I was interviewing her, we chatted about The O. We both love Alex, the queer character, and upon re-watching the show, feel that Seth Cohen is kind of a sexist. Acknowledging how many sad stories are in the media about queer mental illness and suicide attempts, Amy tries to publish about 90% celebratory stories in Archer.There was a period where I really wanted a ferret and my parents wouldn’t let me get one, so there was this campaign on how to convince my parents to get a ferret.’ Amy is the Founding Editor and Publisher of Archer Magazine, an award-winning bi-annual Australian publication about sexuality, gender and identity, which first hit newsstands in November 2013 after a successful crowdfunding campaign.Long before , Amy began her official writing career at The Bulletin, a news and current affair magazine, around 2009.One of the topics you wanted us to chat about was dating straight women.We brought in some experienced lezsplainers for this week’s couch: Sabrina Jalees, Amy Jackson Lewis and Fawzia Mirza.Working hard as a self-made entrepreneur publishing one of Australia’s most incredible magazines, Amy shows no signs of slowing down.