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Interestingly only 13% of WH respondents found receiving oral sex to be the ‘most pleasing’ activity in bed (thrusting technique and emotional connection rated much higher). Only 9% said an orgasm was their goal (which might explain why 10% said they never orgasm at all).

Women aren't getting off to porn though – 70% of the female respondents said they don't watch porn on an average week, compared to 33% of men. Morning glory It seems when it comes to the time of day respondents felt the sexiest – both (30%) men and women (28%) agree that they prefer sex in the morning! SA’s sexiest cities East London got mixed reviews – whilst men rated themselves as having the most sex, they also had the highest rates of masturbation, and the most dissatisfaction according to women, who said that 60% of them faked orgasms, and 48% who said their partners rushed too much.

and became the biggest single from the album Reload. A jazzier "swing version" appears in Mousse T.'s debut solo album Gourmet De Funk.

The "Peppermint Disco Mix", a club version with house music beats, contains a sample from All American Girls by Sister Sledge and has been used as the opening theme song of the WB Network television series Grosse Pointe.

Perhaps this is linked to the majority of female respondents who said that they're comfortable with sex toys, but don't always want them in bed. A: It's an essential part of my sex life Men 2%, vs Women 7% 4.

Fifty shades of kinky The female respondents were not afraid to experiment (and, coincidentally, pretty keen to use restraints).

But most WH respondents (57%) also said they felt “comfortable” or “very comfortable” when they are naked. Women have mixed feelings about oral sex A surprising 35% of women do it only because they know their partner enjoys it, but a third of the women did say they “loved” performing oral sex.

The guys still beat them hands down though, with 59% saying they enjoyed performing oral sex. The vast majority of women (46%), said that their primary goal during sex was to connect with their partner.

Bieber, who once enjoyed a squeaky clean image but has recently had frequent run-ins with the law, has a legendary army of fans dubbed "Beliebers".

Here are the key findings of the Woman’s Health and Men’s Health Sex Survey of 2013.

) A whopping 45% of respondents said they enjoyed being spanked! Condoms are a priority, well, sort of One in 10 women set out to use a condom with a new partner, but get carried away and often don't, but seven out of 10 say they always do.

And 61% had watched porn with a partner and 56% had engaged in phone/SMS/Skype or chatroom sex, while 20% had used handcuffs and 7% had had a threesome with another woman. Just under half (48%) would say no to sex if there's no condom. A high 47% of WH respondents said sex in public was their biggest fantasy 9.

Bloemfontein was rated as the “hardest working” city, with the highest percentage of sex in the office place, whilst Pretoria had the most sex in cars South Africa’s kinkiest city was Upington– with 60% of respondents who said they had used handcuffs and 30% who had been tied up. Women are having more sex than men A quarter of the women we surveyed are having sex at least once a week, in comparison to just 18% of the men.

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