Samantha and naga chaitanya dating

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Samantha and naga chaitanya dating

Even Siddharth had problems with Sam’s friendliness and her growing glamorous image. We can’t be too sure of when it all began but it seems like, they were dropping hints right from his birthday.

Post which Nagarjuna made an official announcement of both his son’s marriages.

And these pictures have been saying it all way back then…

Should have guessed, they would end up together right?

They have been hinting at the relationship at several instances and we can give you three times when it stood out. This was after she had revealed she was dating although she hadn’t mentioned who it was, so crazy speculations began stating outright that Naga Chaitanya was the guy.

On his birthday, Samantha specially chose to wish him on Twitter and his reply raised quite a few eyebrows. Also Read: Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya show their love in the cutest possible way- check it out!

They had the characters Karthik and Jesse etched in their fans’ minds.

Apart from the movie receiving positive reviews, their chemistry was one of the biggest highlights! Well, it turns out during the movie, they did end up becoming friends, but before the romance could begin, Naga-Samantha were dating somebody else. They are currently the most popular couple in the Telugu Industry.Apart from their much talked about chemistry, the strongest buzz doing the rounds is their off screen relationship.And there was their most recent public appearance at a wedding that was the final clue, that Samantha and Naga Chaitanya are dating indeed! So those were clues to their nwo confirmed relationship.In other news, the couple have got themselves a common tattoo- a double arrow sign. Also Read: Naga chaitanya to marry Samantha Ruth Prabhu next year?That fueled rumours only further, fans were sure Naga-Sam was happening for real.