Ryan lochte dating history

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Ryan lochte dating history

As of Monday, Lochte was in the news again, after two protestors stormed the stage of Dancing with the Stars after his performance and caused a commotion, pushing Lochte and his dance partner, before security escorted them out.

He became NCAA Swimmer of the Year twice and seven-time NCAA champion.

So, those pictures that you guys got, it may have come off like that’s my romance for the Olympics, but it’s not like that.

It’s a great friend that I’m just excited to see.” Well, we’ll never know what transpired between the two Olympians, but they would have definitely made a good-looking couple!

Lately, Ryan Lochte has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

First, it was the colossal lie that Lochte and his fellow Team U. A swimmers cooked up, to cover up a run-in with Brazillian police officers.

Ryan was born on August 3, 1984, in Rochester, New York, USA. Ryan is an American by nationality and is of mixed ethnicity.

He has two younger brothers named Devon and Brandon.

After the shoot, the paparazzi photographed the couple kissing and embracing outside a bar in California.

No one knows what happened after that fateful night, but in an interview back then, Lochte admitted, “I definitely want a relationship. I mean, I just gotta find the right girl.” Back in 2012, Lochte was linked to his fellow swimmer, Blaire Evans.

Hardly a month before Lochte was linked to Culpo, he was romantically linked to rapper, K. In 2012, Michelle stated in an old video of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta, that she used to date a white boy who was a swimmer.

The couple was speculated to be secretly dating in 2011, but broke up soon after.

Ryan Lochte’s mother wasn’t too keen on him being in a relationship, either.