Rowvalidated rowvalidating

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Rowvalidated rowvalidating

When you navigate away from the cell (outside the current row) that is in edit mode, the navigation is handled within the current row alone.This event is raised when the row is validated with the updated source, and the Row Validating event’s Is Valid is set to ‘true’.

However, looking at your screenshots I see that you have a quite complex scenario, and it is possible that there is something specific which causes the reported issue.

The event handler receives two arguments namely sender that handles Sf Data Grid and Row Validated Event Args as objects.

Row Validated Event Args object contains the following properties.

The event handler of the Current Cell Validating Event receives two arguments namely sender that handles Sf Data Grid and Current Cell Validating Event Args as objects.

Current Cell Validating Event Args object contains the following properties: When Is Valid property is set to ‘false’, the editor of the current cell does not shift to focus.

In order to be able to send us your project, you have to open a new support ticket.

Kind regards, Martin Vasilev the Telerik team Registration for Q1 2011 What’s New Webinar Week is now open.The following code example illustrates a simple condition to handle Row Validation.In this example, the sum of Expense and Freight is a minimum of 3000, where this is eligible for the discounted price.If I understand you right, you have found a work-around for you case.However, I would still like to investigate the issue further.Grid Validation Mode is the dependency property that switches between the modes of validations.

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