Red flag list dating

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Red flag list dating - green gorilla dating

How do they treat the bank teller if they are having a bad day?

They are probably not over it yet and there’s nothing worse than a relationship with the ex still lingering around. If you haven’t met their friends, you’re not their partner.

Sometimes they come within the first week of dating, while others don’t show their face until 6 months in.

Not every red flag is as visible as physical abuse either.

If they are stubborn and threaten to end your relationship, instead of coming to a compromise, it will get tiring.

The same old “maybe I will find someone who will do that instead” or “I will find someone better” story puts nothing but stress on your relationship to the point where you really are unsure of the health or condition of your relationship.

Your partner shouldn’t lose their handle and try to suppress your communication at times when they know they are wrong.

Their inability to talk about things that annoy them or strike a nerve is going to cause communication obstacles in your relationship further down the road.

Narcissism sucks and they will eventually treat you the same way.

It’s not alright when they become angry about discussing anything they don’t like, don’t agree with, or don’t want to talk about.

If there are parts that would make you upset, that would be a separate red flag.

Emotional stability is key in a long-term relationship and it’s a lot to deal with.

If it becomes a routine that one person always apologizes and the other does not, you’re dating a master manipulator.