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Since then Bardhaman has been ruled by the Khetri Maharajas commanding a large territory and operating through Sananads obtained from Mughals.The Maharajas of Bardhaman faced the Nababs of Murshidabad firmly and were the main cause of survival of the Hindus against the forced mass conversion by Murshidkuli Khan and his successors.

The western part of the district, chiefly Asansol, is rich in coal and other mineral resources.

These diversify the otherwise monotonous landscape and lend a special charm to the skyline around Asansol subdivision.

Ajoy-barakar divide is a convex plateau, the average altitude being 150 m.

The gradient is westerly to the west and to the east it is northerly toward Ajay and southerly toward Damodar below the latitude.

The Ajoy-Damodar inter-stream tract is made up of several stows consisting of vales and low convex spurs which run in almost all directions except northeast and thus lends a very complicated character to local relief.

It is the seventh most populous district in India (out of 640).

The name of Bardhaman city, which lends its name to the district, comes from the 24th Jain monk Tirthankar Vardhaman(Mahavir Swami).It also contains power plants at Durgapur and Dishergarh.Burdwan district with its varied tectonic elements and riverine features, is a transitional zone between the Jharkhand plateau which constitutes a portion of peninsular shield in the west and Ganga-Brahamaputra alluvial plain in the north and east.In addition, Bardhaman contains the great coal-field of Raniganj, where coal mining in India started in 1774, the enterprises first becoming corporatised around 1820 by Alexander & Co, and then under the leadership of Prince Dwarkanath Tagore, who bought over the existing collieries in 1835, eventually forming the Bengal Coal Co. Bardhaman became an important economic hub in West Bengal because of its location and due to the natural resources in the region (especially coal).Bardhaman District has an area of 7,024 km² and a population of 6,895,514 (2001 census).The notable rivers and khals are Damodar, Bhagirathi, Barakar, Ajay, Dwarakeswar, Nonia, Singaram, Tamla, Kukua, Kunur, Tumuni, Khari, Banka, Chanda-kanki nala, Behula, Gangur, Brahmani, Khandesvari, Karulia nala, Dwaraka or Babla, Koiya nala, Kandarkahal, Kanadamodar, Kananadi, Ghea, Kakinadi etc.

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