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It’s easy to think that I know how daily life rolls in Trinidad after three years of living here. like roti lunch just once a week (because I know one buss-up lunch equals one full hour of cardio come Carnival time), a working knowledge of intrinsically Trinidadian varieties of limes (I like car limes best), and knowing how to take directions based on landmarks rather than street signs.However, a recent string of visitors (my first visitors since moving here) shook me out of that.

I have never ever been let into a lane of traffic, while driving in my native Puerto Rico, without seriously risking car damage. In the first, six months of my time here, most of my interactions involved me saying, “Could you please repeat that? I thoroughly appreciate their efforts (subconscious or not) to include me in a conversation.

I once timed how long each song was played – one minute, twenty-seven seconds was the best I got. Why did radio stations chuck away Soca immediately after Carnival? From 94.1 all the way through to 96.1, 96.7, 99.1 and everything in between (with Radio Tambrin and CT 105 being two of the few exceptions), this is the story.

Nowadays, I’m down with the general cycle: January to Carnival – Soca, R&B, Hip-Hop, Dancehall and Reggae throughout the rest of the year (with the occasional Soca sneaking in around September), a slight portion of Soca chunes during the island Carnival season, and Parang from October to Christmas.

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How many times have you heard people talk about hormones in chicken meat? How can this urban myth be so firmly ingrained in our beliefs?

Last month, as my sister sat, statue-like, in the back of the car gaping at the cars whizzing past – and in front, and to the side, and behind – us, I was reminded of how chaotic the law of the Trini road looked at first. The hand signals may not be like those anywhere else in the world, but they make sense once you start using them (or at least seeing them). Not great, but it has made me a much more alert driver.

Here’s the thing: despite the undeniable look of total bacchanal, there is a finely organized kind of chaos to driving in Trinidad.Quiero chuparte los pies y abrirte el culo y huelerte tu culo y el olor del culo TENGO HAMBRE DE TI,,,,,,,, Estar contigo fue delicioso me tenía bien beyaka y caliente...SAN JUAN HOTELES TODO PUERTO TRICOQuiero chuparte los pies y abrirte el culo y huelerte tu culo y el olor del culo TENGO HAMBRE DE TI,,,,,,,, Estar contigo fue delicioso me tenía bien beyaka y caliente...The same goes for everywhere else I’ve been, including the US, Spain, Canada, and England. Was it because it was important to promote as many songs as possible during the radio time during the allocated season of that kind of music? This brings me to the idea of music “seasons” in commercial radio.I was also bemused by the fact that no song ever seemed to be played to its end. Why couldn’t I listen to Parang in August, if I so felt like it?When she’s not training for a road race or counting down the days until Carnival, she’s taking pictures for her Tumblr.