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Typically, MS Outlook is the most appreciated email client worldwide among personal or professional users.It allows users to send or receive emails, manage notes, calendar entries, contacts and many other things.

The message body can be encoded and stored as plain text or HTML. EML attachments: the part of the email where the encoded attachments are placed one by one. EML file can be opened also by Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer. EML format to the native Outlook interpretation and then import emails and EML attachments to Outlook.Exporting Mailbox content to a file Adding and Importing Mailbox content from file NOTE: Importing a file allows you to merge items into one Mailbox/list of folders.If you would simply like to open the file and be able to view email messages, calendar items, etc.If I open the back-up folder I see my folders (inbox, sent, and such) and in each folder I see a file called winmail.How do I open those winmail files so I can access my saved email messages?was developed to store single email message inside plain text file.

Standard structure of EML file consists from the email headers, email body and mime-encoded attachment part. The MHT format can be used to transfer emails to the third parties without loosing of the email formating so you can be sure that the the email message will be correctly opened and viewed.

The tool is creates copy of the hard drive folders structure inside Outlook and imports . The program has very simple GUI and the email conversion can be accomplished in one button click.

About Importing and Exporting You can export your email and mail folders, calendar and appointments, tasks, notes and additional content from Outlook as a file and import everything in one go onto a different computer or into another mail profile.

But this method is only works for single file and it is impossible to move the amount of EML files inside Outlook using this method.

Method #2 (Using of free importing software): There is a lot of free Outlook importing tools available over the Internet.

There is a lot email conversion software but only some of them can do the complex of EML data conversion routines qualitatively.

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