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The machine beeps as Marshall’s Pac-Man eats another power pellet.

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*** A fourteen-year-old girl with bright blue eyes stands playing Pac-Man at a 7-Eleven in Mill Valley, California.United States attorneys sometimes continue in their jobs after a change of administration in the White House, but not all that often.“It’s possible to be kept on when the political party in power changes,” Marshall says, “but I don’t expect that.In a few days, she will hold in her hand the first real gun she has ever seen, as the sheriff’s office issues her a 9 mm pistol—because, as she will say many years later, “that’s how we rolled in the Coos.” It is one of many fork-in-the-road decisions that have taken her on a path as winding as the nearby Coquille River to this town and this job—where in the next five years she will try more than 100 cases involving murder, arson, kidnapping, fraud, drugs, hate crimes, firearms crimes, and sexual offenses.Decisions that will eventually take her forward to October 7, 2011, President Barack Obama, and her appointment as the twenty-seventh United States attorney for the District of Oregon.The ninth-grader evades Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde in the video maze.

In a few weeks her home life will become rocky enough that she will go to live with her father near Chicago.The June 1850 trial took just three days, and all of the Cayuse were found guilty and sentenced to hang. The mission of the ninety-three United States attorneys (some states have more than one district) who work for the Department of Justice covers preventing terrorism, stopping foreign and domestic threats to national security, fighting violent crime, combating financial fraud, and protecting vulnerable populations including children, the elderly, and victims of hate crimes or human trafficking.A large part of the top job is outreach, and, in Marshall’s case, a very large part is finding ways for her legal staff to lend support to besieged county prosecutors who face the fight against crime with fast-dwindling resources.Hearing the clock ticking is actually great motivation to get things done. attorneys, and the office has had years of stability and strong infrastructure.The challenge is always to leave the office better than I found it—and that’s a big challenge for me, as it was in tremendously good shape when I got here! But none of this is about me anyway—it’s about what the Oregon district needs.A twenty-six-year-old woman with bright blue eyes stands at a pay phone outside the Safeway store in Coquille, Oregon. She was the last of some thirty applicants interviewed for the entry-level position, and she was offered the job on the spot.