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I could see the guy across the aisle next to her and even the one behind him were taking the time to watch also.I told her about this in the past and she didn’t believe me until she noticed one day at a meeting for work.

Being a foot guy I was on the floor between her feet before she was ready.I had to be careful as I didn’t want to cum too soon.She stepped back a bit and I changed nipples, slowly kissing my way around her areola lightly flicking her hard nipple.I was in fucking heaven and I thought my dick was going to explode.“Come on we have to go get the kids and go to church. ” I took her shoe and slid it back on but not before I kissed her toes.Kneeling I took her left nipple in my mouth and started to suck on it softly at first and slowly increasing the pressure. This was something that developed in the last few years and when she finally told me about it I make sure to do it for her.

Sometimes I ignore them until she tells me, ”Suck my Nipples.” those little words just jack me up.

I held her heel gently between my teeth as she slid her foot out.

God, I love that sound, you know the sound of a leather pump sliding off a sexy size 6.5 hose covered foot.

Focusing on the reason we were there I made it through church but just barely.

I don’t think it’s a sin to think about some of the things that run through my head in church since it’s my wife but if it is I am in deep shit!

I watched as she let her heel slip off her foot briefly and noticed that she had their complete attention at this point.