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In the process, we’ve lost our True North (God's Truth). This equates to a philosophy of life that looks to oneself or the “norms” of society to define what is acceptable and what is not-acceptable.

Biologically, our bodies were made to have intimate and sexual relations with the opposite sex.

However, by God’s grace, there is a growing movement to raise our next generation of adults with a more God-focused model when it comes to pre-marriage relationships between the opposite sexes. Our public schools attempt to teach character development and reinforce “good” morals apart from any absolutes of right and wrong.

Once we removed the Bible as the basis and/or standard of our conduct, we were left with the shifting sands of man's own wisdom. Senate prayer when he said, "...unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything." As a result, our young people of today embrace a worldview that is more secular than biblical and more me-centered than God-centered.

Within God’s will is always a direct path toward God’s glory ("Sanctify them by the truth; Your Word is truth" John ).

As parents, we need to re-position dating back on a pathway that anchors our teens and adult children to God's ways.

It was also noted in this study that dads as well as moms had little influence when it came to who their children dated.

For every parent out there, this should be a huge wake-up call. The concept of dating has drifted far from the ideals of God’s ways. For most Christian dads and moms out there, our dating experiences had little roots to any biblical truth. It is quite apparent that our American culture no longer looks to the Bible to establish its moral foundations.

They often do, especially within the actions of other women).

The goal of the pre-marital relationship process is to get to know each other in a way that honors God.

They need to know that real love is not about pleasing yourself.

It's all about pleasing God and putting someone else's interests before your own. If we pursue our relationships God's ways, His glory and honor will follow.

Just as in marriage, dating or courtship needs to be about God's glory and building each other up in Christ.