Old testimonies from ksb mission

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From that time on, many people came to put their lives right with the Lord.

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As when fire sets twigs ablaze and causes water to boil, come down to make Your Name known to Your enemies and cause the nations to quake before You." Isaiah 64:1-2.As he drove back to his tobacco farm, this man grappled in his heart with what he should do. Nevertheless, the farmer persevered, and for the next several years he struggled to make a living out of his new vegetable crops.How could he glorify the Lord by producing tobacco, which was going to ruin the health of so many people? Then a crop disease hit the entire area and wiped out all the tobacco crops. His farm has continued to flourish and so has the worship amongst his workers.Then the evil spirits began to leave the woman with screams that sliced the air. The Spirit of God had come into their midst in power.The next moment her face was transformed, it shone like one who had already lived in the presence of the Lord for a long time. After months of searching the Scriptures, persevering in prayer, searching their hearts and confessing their sins, the moment had arrived when the fire of the Holy Spirit, for which they had desperately longed, was set ablaze in them.Since that time when the Holy Spirit's fire and wind blew through that little cleaned out stable in Mapumulo, God's blessings have continued to flow, even to other parts of the world and many thousands of people have found real freedom and lasting peace in Christ.

By God's grace, there are many thousands of testimonies of transformed lives at Kwa Sizabantu.Nestled amongst the rolling hills of Kwa Zulu Natal, is a most remarkable mission station and an on-going testimony of transformation.Since 1966, this Mission has been blessed with an extraordinary outpouring of God's grace.After a season of deep repentance, restitution and extended intercession of their prayer fellowship, God poured out a mighty blessing. Suddenly the woman's eyes lit up with an evil glare, she writhed around like a wild animal that wants to attack and tear apart its prey.A mighty wind, like compressed air when released, swept straight through the building and everyone praying. Erlo Stegen buried his face in his hands, deeply aware of his own unworthiness and fell to his knees. A witch came to Erlo Stegen and said: "I'm looking for Jesus. Then this woman began to make noises, first like many dogs barking, then it sounded as if a herd of pigs were screaming within her.While the Mission does not hold deliverance services, many thousands of people have been freed from occultic bondages and found freedom in Christ there.

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