Norwegian dating marriage

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Norwegian dating marriage - single men dating single mothers

Whatever you think of your mum, to have her blessing on your marriage is important. 'She doesn't mean anything negative.' And he was right.Within weeks Mum was in Oslo, staying with us, enjoying herself immensely.

After a well-publicised disagreement over the police shooting of an innocent man at Stockwell Tube station, I was sidelined into a job that took roughly eight hours a week to perform. He took two months' unpaid leave to be by my side during the campaign, such is his commitment to me. Initially we agreed that there was no reason to get married unless there were legal issues, such as inheritance.She was playing at Wembley Arena in London and my Norwegian holiday romance was coming to see her.In a rash moment, I suggested he could save the cost of a hotel by staying with me.An hour later and after a series of calls to head office, the computer said yes.One month on and with no objections registered, it still took another half an hour to coax it into giving me my certificate.And from January 1 next year, same-sex couples can actually get married, as opposed to entering a civil partnership, in Norway. Am I going to be Mrs Belsvik or is Petter going to be Mrs Paddick?

Groom and groom: Brian with his lover, Petter, left So, at the age of 50, I am taking the plunge again. When the registrar says: 'You may kiss the bride,' who kisses whom?

Inevitably, it was my last day and having spent just 24 hours together we parted with me believing I would never see him again.

But then there came divine intervention - well, not quite: it was Madonna.

The 'unreasonable behaviour' she cited in our divorce petition was me being more in love with my job than with her, rather than me being in love with another man.

And of course, fully realising I was gay meant marriage was never again going to be an option, or so I thought. I no longer have a job to be in love with, having retired from the police after 30 years.

We are going to hold the ceremony in private because what we have to say to each other is between us and us alone. We are proud of what we are about to do and we want our friends and families to celebrate with us.

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