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iv contacted support 2 times and they say its canceled and i wont be billed .. We launched our 14 day free trial of Pornhub Premium, just for you. All you need to do is click "start free trial" once you log in and boom, you're now a Premium member! If you enjoy it, you can join for $9.99/month and get another week free. I dont understand why you ask for credit cards for the free trial, I would really like to try your service but this is "the internet" you just cant trust people "because", I wanted to try the trial but I see that this 14 day trial without CC has expired, I really wish It'd be back, I mean before I even consider putting my CC details on a website I want to know whats up with the content, if you dont trust people not to keep using your website after the trial why should we trust you with our CC ?? i tried the 7 day free trial and they still have yet to cancel my premium lol.... i have the conversations too saved in case they try and bill me. I didn't realize that until I the post on the blog about it. (think maybe I didn't notice it due to me trying to get back to porn ASAP!

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