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Other personas have included hippie, jock, and even children’s book author. The extra “e,” as devotees of Manhattan public access cable knew all too well, was for extra pee.This riff is a reference to an ad for a phone sex line for watersports enthusiasts that often ran on Channel J in New York in the 1980s. G.”—both for his initials and because he made so many films about giants, including Show 309, came out in 1965, so Kevin would be nine years old right now.

The senator did not report the accident for hours, and although his family connections protected him from any criminal repercussions, the scandal came close to ending his political career. The Ford Thunderbird was a sports car manufactured for 50 years, starting with a two-seater convertible in 1955. is a 1991 film about two women who embark on a crime spree and bond a lot. The Ducks are land/water tours in old adapted WWII amphibious vehicles. Let’s ride the ducks” came in at #7 in The Fifty Most Obscure References in .Kennedy, about eight senators who performed acts of moral courage. Both Kennedy and Sorenson initially denied the claim, but Sorenson finally confirmed it in his 2008 autobiography. The United States was drawn into the war as part of its Cold War effort to stave off “communist aggression” throughout the world. billions of dollars, the credibility of the government in the eyes of its citizens (the term “credibility gap” stems from this era), and the lives of more than 50,000 Americans. Wisconsin Dells is a city in south central Wisconsin, popular as a Midwestern tourist destination.Beau knows awkward dancing.“Bo knows ...” was a catchphrase in a series of Nike TV commercials that ran in 19, in which pro baseball and football player Bo Jackson played various sports and famous athletes in each sport proclaimed, “Bo knows baseball,” “Bo knows football,” “Bo knows tennis,” etc. That which does not kill you makes you more musical.“Out of life’s school of war: what does not kill me makes me stronger” (sometimes rendered simply as “What does not kill me makes me stronger”) is a line from the 1889 book by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900). In this case it failed: after it finally pulled out in 1975, the North Vietnamese quickly overwhelmed the remaining South Vietnamese resistance. Other films that have been suggested as Vietnam metaphors: 1966-1969), making an entry into his Captain’s log, which sounds way dirtier than it is. Ted Kennedy (1932-2009) was a long-time senator from Massachusetts, one of the few old-school liberals in Congress. Often known as just “The Dells,” the place became divided in 1908 into the Upper and Lower Dells when Kilbourn Dam was constructed on the Wisconsin River.At the end of the film (spoiler alert), they drive their car off a cliff rather than allow themselves to be captured by the police. The link between acidic rain and pollution has been known since the mid-19th century, but the US government has taken steps to control it only since the 1980s. As legend would have it, turkeys are so stupid that they look up into the sky when it rains and consequently drown. It deals with the effects on society of a new kind of genetically engineered food that makes people, animals, and plants grow to huge proportions—basically a cautionary tale of scientists run amok. In the 1962 movie version, the song is sung in part by Ron Howard.You could learn a lot from a dummy.“You could learn a lot from a dummy” was the longtime slogan of a pro-seatbelt ad campaign run by the U. Department of Transportation and starring Vince and Larry, the crash test dummies. This is not true, although it is true that turkey chicks often die during storms—but from cold and exposure, not from drowning. is a 1981 sci-fi/horror film in which intense staring led to exploded heads. Opie Taylor may have been named after Opie Cates, a swing-era bandleader and radio actor. William Conrad (1920-2004) was a portly actor known for his roles in such TV series as is supposedly based on, is a novel by early science fiction writer H. Sample lyrics: “O-ho the Wells Fargo Wagon is a-comin' down the street/Oh please let it be for me!I know, let’s do a production of is a play by Michael Frayn about a theater troupe trying desperately to stage a play but being constantly undermined by the chaos behind the scenes. The first thing we do is get ourselves to a Lane Bryant. It still exists, under the name Initiatives of Change. David Duke is a white supremacist and former leader of the Ku Klux Klan who was active in Louisiana politics in the early 1990s; while he managed a single term as a state representative, he made one unsuccessful try for the U. Senate and another, equally unsuccessful try for governor of the state. Senate in 2016, with renewed attention on him thanks to Donald Trump's presidential campaign; he received 3 percent of the vote, coming in seventh. Waldo is called Wally in the original British versions. Gordon classic about giant grasshoppers invading Chicago. Ecstasy, known by its more formal name as 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), is an illegal drug that can make its users feel euphoric.

Lane Bryant is a chain of women’s clothing stores specializing in plus sizes. In 2002 he was sentenced to fifteen months in federal prison on charges of mail and tax fraud. In Germany he’s Walter; in Norway, he’s Willy; and in France, he’s Charlie. Jell-O is a sweetened gelatin dessert made by Kraft Foods.Just think: now that girl looks like leather, smells like Marlboros and Giorgio, and makes her grandchildren call her by her first name.Her name’s Joy Harmon; she actually went on to found a wholesale baking company in Burbank with her kids called Aunt Joy’s Cakes. Marlboro is a brand of cigarettes manufactured by Philip a 1965 film directed by schlock-master Russ Meyer, about a man with a shady past who gets entangled in an unhappy family’s turmoil. You’ll get the Pigskin Preview and also the Year in Sex. It is used in all kinds of textiles, including sweaters. It was made into a film starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep in 1995. “Laugh, Laugh” was the Beau Brummels’ 1964 debut single and one of their most famous songs. The Whisky a Go Go is a club in Los Angeles, California. It helped launch Johnny Rivers and the Doors, among other acts. She is also known, perhaps unfairly, as the woman who broke up the Beatles, due to her influence on her husband, John Lennon, with whom she released a number of albums. Gamera was a giant, fire-breathing turtle that starred in a series of Japanese monster movies. I’d offer to help, but the no thumbs thing gets in the way, Opie. The other possible namesake for Opie Taylor is Opie Shelton, an Atlanta businessman who was a childhood friend of Andy Griffith. Clint Howard, brother of Ron Howard, is an actor who has appeared in such films as , about the assassination of John F. In the movie, DA Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner) repeatedly plays the famous Zapruder film for a jury, rewinding it and repeating, “Back and to the left,” to indicate that Kennedy’s head is not moving in the direction one would expect if Lee Harvey Oswald had shot him from the Book Depository.A reference to two annual issues of They’ll need All-Temperature Cheer to get those pants clean. The film currently holds a “Rotten” rating of 48 percent on the Rotten Tomatoes website. The Mouseketeers were a group of children who starred on (1955-1959). Several of the Mouseketeers went on to have show business careers, the most famous of whom is Annette Funicello. A take on the Thomas Dolby song “She Blinded Me with Science.” The dramatic exclamations of “Science! Sample lyrics: “I wonder what the king is doing tonight? /The candles at the court, they never burned as bright/I wonder what the king is up to tonight? Sample lyrics: “Laugh, laugh, I thought I’d die/It seemed so funny to me/Laugh, laugh, you met a guy/Who taught you how it feels to be/Lonely, oh so lonely ...” , which aired from 1958-1963. His son, Mark Mc Cain, was played by Johnny Crawford, who plays Horsey here. Hey, look in back—it’s a picture of the Master and his wife. MST3K did several Gamera movies, first for KTMA and later for Comedy Central, including Show 304, . Lady Di was the affectionate nickname for Lady Diana Spencer (1961-1997), who became Princess Di when she married England’s Prince Charles. Howard the Duck is a Marvel Comics character, created by Steve Gerber in the 1970s. And it’s time to collect for the Will Rogers Institute.An imitation of Manuel (Andrew Sachs), the Spanish waiter at the titular hotel in Glad to see Satan’s art is on sale. the Devil) is the personification of evil, primarily featuring in Christian and Islamic traditions. /No one will be watching us/Why don't we do it in the road? Ziggy Stardust was a stage persona created by musician David Bowie during his glam rock years.

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