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There’s no denying that dishonesty is all the rage.

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It’s always difficult to make this list, but earning such accolades during the hotly contested April-May-June quarter is quite an achievement.

I’m sure Trump will give a speech about this at some point.

• A couple whose announcement included the groom saying, of the night he met his beloved: “She was gorgeous, lively and a lot of fun, and at a Cuban-themed party thrown by a bunch of blue-blooded Yalies, she was one of the only authentic Cuban people there.” I’m convinced that this is the real reason for the reinstatement of U. • Steven Tyler’s daughter (no, the other one — no, the other other one) and an actor who “played Michael Skakel in the 2002 television movie Murder in Greenwich.” (The two comprise an “electronic soul duo” called Kaneholler, so named for two reasons: “Kane is a Gaelic word meaning battle, and holler means to cry out; Kaneholler is the name of the bamboo forest on land in the southern United States that is owned by Ms.

Relentlessness doesn’t always equal romance unless someone has a change of heart.

Over the past three months, the wedding section has been a hotbed for another cool new dating tip: have a friend who likes to lie.

The groom, a musician, had on Teva sandals, which he wore with a faded pair of pants and a short-sleeve batik shirt, no tie.

Setting aside the amusing fact that a 9 dress is literally, in the Times‘s telling, bargain-basement, there’s nevertheless something refreshing in these sorts of events.

The gambit worked, spoiler alert, but there’s one detail from the story that I just can’t shake: There are people who live in Union Square who have a car?! (Speaking of cars: Here’s another announcement in which a guy fudges the truth about a laptop left in a friend’s car in order to try to push two acquaintances together.) Another article comes right out and says it in the headline: “Sometimes, a Little Lie Helps.” In this case, an innocent woman in a new city joined a friendly house of worship, where she was befriended by a kindly man.

A little too kindly: He started going to functions just to see if she was there, and “he always seemed eager to make conversation and wanted to hang out,” the bride recalls, “but I really wasn’t interested.” And so, a friend with a god complex intervened: In April 2013, Mr.

“I really believed it, and that gave me the confidence to give it another try,” Mr. So he approached her in May 2013 at a rooftop charity event in Manhattan.

Soaring with false confidence, he brought up the idea of going to see a movie together.

(She obviously hasn’t met many Columbia kids of late.) While she was “appalled” by the first photo her now-husband sent her, one “taken with his sopping-wet white boxer, Bianca, after they had taken a swim in Long Island Sound” — hey, at least it wasn’t sopping-wet white boxers! A simple request for some, but not for two full-time overachievers.

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