Nebraska cam models

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This model uses regional weather data and provides setback distances for four directions, each covering one quadrant of compass directions. A receptor-based siting strategy for swine production systems.

This indicates that approximately 13% of the time the wind is from the south and approximately 11% of the time the wind is from the SSE.Added distance always reduces this angle as well, as can be seen in the last illustration of Figure 2. : Odor transmission potential can be impacted by terrain such as trees, hills and valleys. The model was developed in Minnesota but has been used with caution in other locations even though weather patterns may differ. South Dakota State University and the University of Nebraska developed a model based on OFFSET called the Odor Footprint Tool (OFT). The CAM model requires all the coordinates of neighbors (receptors) to be entered into the model along with existing odor sources along with the proposed new site.

The model then tabulates the number of hours of potential odor exposure for each residence from all existing sources and the number of hours the new source would add.

The exposure angle defines what specific wind directions will result in a receptor being directly downwind from the facility and can be combined with the wind rose to give potential hours of exposure.

Figure 2 illustrates the impact of site configuration on exposure angle. Siting animal production facilities and evaluating odor control options using the odor footprint tool.

The smaller the angle, the fewer wind directions will impact the neighbor. In: Mitigating Air Emissions from Animal Feeding Operations.

In Figure 2, for instance, the top configuration will expose neighbors to odor potential when the wind is from a specific 11 degree angle but the second configuration, where buildings are end to end, would result in a much larger angle which would increase the odor transmission potential. Conference Proceedings, May 19-21, 2008 (Des Moines, IA).

The phenomena, sometimes referred to as “air drainage” is not easily modeled but should be considered when evaluating a potential building site.

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