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Nairobi online sex dating - good introductions for internet dating

There are various reasons that make strong African ladies look for their love outside their motherland but anyway we shouldn’t forget that these are women, who need to be loved, taken care of and so on.When Patrick Muiru* met George* on a Facebook dating page, little did he know this was the start of his problems that will leave him naked, sexually assaulted, beaten and humiliated.

If a female member of a certain faith attempts to marry a man from other denomination she’s anathematized by her church leader.‘Immediately after tea, he started to caress and kiss me and I responded back with removing my clothes,’ Patrick told Identity Magazine.‘However, he soon changed and he told me that he does not have sex with someone he had just met for the first time. He said we can mutually masturbate and I agreed.’ Soon after, Patrick recalls George taking his phone and texting someone.Five minutes later, they heard a knock and George went to open. The two men started questioning the two and wondered why two men were in a room locked together.One of the men asked why (pointing at George) he had no shirt on.Patrick is a 26 year old closeted gay man who has fallen prey to blackmailers and extortionists targeting gay men.

Patrick who lives in Ngumbo estate told Identity Magazine that he met George on a Facebook profile page called ‘Nairobi Gays Dating and Sex’ and after several exchanges of messages, they decided to meet.

They told him to dress and forced him out of the house and threatened to send the photos to the contacts on his phone if he did not part with KShs 100,000.

Patrick said that he left Wendani a humiliated man and has been forced to part with over KShs 20,000 so far which he sends to the men via M-Pesa.

‘I went to his place and one thing led to another and we had sex. After sex, we heard a knock on the door and someone claiming to a cousin of John and three others came in,’ said Cedric.

What Cedric did not know was that John, immediately after sex had requested to dispose of the used condom only for him to wrap it and hide it under the mattress.

But now I guess he was just using that to get me,’ said Patrick.

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