My turbo tax is not updating

02-Mar-2017 03:44 by 2 Comments

My turbo tax is not updating

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I'm on a weekly update and have been for the past 3 years so I am hoping for a DDD on Friday the 5th. In past years of filing I have been able to order account only on Friday. If I had a choice I would never file my taxes again!!!Tonight it let me order both using my new address... If anyone gets a ddd after being able to order both transcripts please update I am hoping that I will finally have a ddd in the morning. I just ordered my return transcript after a week of not being able to.With over 20 years of experience with Intuit Quickbooks, we assist Quickbooks users and small businesses with a variety of services.We work with the US, UK, Canadian, Australian (Reckon Accounts), and New Zealand versions of Quickbooks (PC and Mac platforms).Still no bars on wmr, no refund amount & TT152, but this morning I was finally able to order my 2015 return transcript.

I received my 2015 account transcript in the mail, which I ordered on 1/30/16, and it has absolutely no information!

Because it's been almost a week and my bar has now disappeared and no DDD has been given I'm in this boat w you. I already had a delay because I had to submit a 1095-A,did that then said I had to do a I. Now all of a sudden Monday I'm told I'll be getting a cp05..are ridiculous! lol @so woke up to a change refund approve but an offsetted amount that a representative at irs said they wouldn't offset because my kids weren't on my healthcare insurance .

@gbalbosa my advocate first contacted me on Feb 11th. They considered their 2015 income and reduced it from my refund as their income changed my healthcare credit.

Sometimes the IRS may have your old address on file.

So I would try that too just too see if it's as simple as needing to update your address.

I'm a weekly updater which means that my return is only updated on Fridays. I couldn't order my return transcript until this morning. Once to verify my ID and again for my job to verify the EIN numbers since the company sold in the the middle of the year I had 2 w-2's. The IRS put me through so much this year it was just unbelievable. She said my refund is done and is there but they're holding it until they verify the letter smh I filled Feb 5 bars disappeared a week later verified my i D Feb 22nd I called for my transcripts march 18th , they told my transcript are not available but my return was "Posted" March 14th WMR website still being processed refund date provided when Ava... @terriip I was just able to order my tax return transcript, I didn't try to order account? @franluvinnc Hopefully but don't put all your eggs in one basket!!!