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The gene a child will inherit is based purely on chance and can never be truly predicted.

A baby girl will inherit an X chromosome with a dominant gene for normal blood clotting from her father. A daughter will get either her mother's X chromosome with the hemophilia gene or her mother's X chromosome with the normal gene for clotting.

Does this mean that the mother alone is the one responsible for having a child with hemophilia? The mother is the one who passes the hemophilia gene.

However, it is the father's sperm that determines if the child will be a boy or a girl. It is purely by chance that a hemophilia gene is passed on to produce a child with hemophilia. The percentage (%) or "risks" are based on large numbers of births.

If the baby gets the Y chromosome from the father it will be a boy.

Since the Y chromosome does not carry the hemophilia gene, a son born to a man with hemophilia and a woman who is not a carrier will not have hemophilia.

It is not the "fault" of one parent since both parents contribute to the outcome. In other words, if 500 carriers each had two sons (1,000 total), we would expect there to be about 500 boys with hemophilia.

But in that group there would be women who had two sons with hemophilia, women who had one with and one without, and women with no sons with hemophilia.If she gets the X chromosome with the hemophilia gene she will be a carrier.So a carrier's daughter has a 50% chance of being a carrier.The daughter will not have hemophilia since the normal blood clotting gene from her mother is dominant.It won't allow the instructions from the hemophilia gene to be sent. She has the gene on one of her X chromosomes and could pass it on to her children.This section will explain all of this in more detail.

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