Most intimidating songs

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Most intimidating songs - jeff garcia dating

Sometimes it is the pyro, sometimes it is the lights, sometimes it's a combination of the two.However, the music is always what sticks with the viewers.

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The LRADs, developed by the American Technology Corporation, have also been used to repel pirate attacks in Somalia and throw sound at bystanders at stores and conventions for product displays.

The work of the world's most famous lounge lizard might be Jack Bauer's first choice of music in an interrogation room.

They're loud, often repetitive and (as any parent with steadily reduced hearing can attest) can even create feelings of physical pain or discomfort to the ears and head.

Troops used "long range acoustic devices" to blast the Australian metal group's ballads throughout the region to increase the vulnerability of Iraqi insurgents.

Koresh wore down his followers by blasting his own failed pop songs at eardrum-busting levels.

When the FBI moved in and cut the power to the compound, they fired back with Nancy Sinatra's depressing girl power pop ballad along with a monotonous mix of Tibetan chants, cavalry bugle beats and 1950s-style Christmas carols for nearly seven weeks straight.

It sounds like a perfect plan because after all, he may write the songs that make the whole world sing, but they also make young kids' heads explode. Interrogators at Guantanamo Bay, however, used the sappy kids' show theme song as "futility music" to convince detainees of the futility of maintaining their silence.

newspaper in London called this sugary lump of fear inducing madness the most "overused" song in the U. One United Kingdom human rights group protested President George W.

Here are some of the songs used by military and law enforcement entities to get their suspects to sing.

It should stand as no surprise that a large majority of the songs used in Guantanamo Bay consisted of seemingly patriotic ditties like Springsteen's most famous American anthem.

They signal debuts, returns and your favorite superstars arrival on a Monday or Friday night. Though entrance themes hit their peak in the '80s, professional wrestlers have been coming to the ring to music for upwards of 60 years.