Moroccan girls sex

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Moroccan girls sex

We engaged in different conversations that somehow led the issue of the sexual harassment in the street.Her statement about her personal experience was very striking to me that I never forget it.

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In Surat an-Nur, the Almighty Allah states: “Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and guard their modesty.

Two teenage girls are to go on trial in Morocco on homosexuality charges after they were caught kissing and reported to police.

The girls, identified as 16-year-old Sanaa and 17-year-old Hajar, were detained after being "caught kissing and hugging on the roof of a house" in Marrakesh last week, according to the Moroccan Association of Human Rights.

It was the first time that I engage in such a deep way about this topic with a friend who wears the niqab and it made me realize that we, girls/women, aren’t immune no matter what we wear.

I highly salute every Moroccan female who goes out and defies all these harassments as bravely as she can, for it has become a daily battle that we sometimes complain about but we mostly accept as an inevitable evil.

As I believe, every Moroccan girl/ woman is harassed every time she goes out regardless of her age, shape, color, ethnicity, background…

and no matter what she wears, even if she puts on potato bags.

Any girl who says the opposite is living in denial because that’s the reality we deal with every day.

Sexual harassment can vary through the constant gazes that checks every inch of the girl’s body from head to toe, the harassing words coming from every corner, the following -or as I’d prefer to call it “the tireless stalking”-, the insistence to get the girl to talk, then it can move too far to the undesired touching of her body.

I still get the harassing gazes and the harassing words about my eyes (though my face is covered).

But at least, I feel that it’s not my fault.” This conversation was an eye-opening experience for me.

Homosexuality can be punished with anything from six months to three years imprisonment, alongside a fine of up to 1200 dirhams (£260).

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